I mostly go by Kanako. Styleleaf is a self give alias that I derived from a specific part of me that is stimulated by fashion. However, my interests are not solely fashion, which is why I say “part of me”. I have interests in music, cooking, cars, and poetry. But I am mostly dedicating this blog to Styleleaf. Sharing my personal style, memorable occasions, fun travels, and lots of awesome photos!

I am currently 24 years old and have recently acquired a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising with a focus in design. You’ll usually find me in thrifted clothes or new trendy fits but you will never see me wearing the exact same outfit twice. I am very expressive with my styling. Taking cues from my mood, the weather, and planned activities, everyday is a new day to recreate my look through clothes. It may seem superficial, but fashion to me, is much deeper than that. I behave like an introvert, but dress like an extrovert. I enjoy the challenge of making an unattractive garment look fashionable, experimenting with combinations of pattern and color, pushing the boundaries of versatility in fashion garments and questioning “rules” in fashion.

It’s a challenge being a fashionista in Hawaii. The challenge isn’t staying fashionable in a society where inflation is a norm. Though the constant inflation may be a challenge for some, I grew up constantly adapting and have come to find that as long as my thirst to express is quenched, I am happy. I am perfectly fine wearing secondhand clothes or off-season fashion, I always find a way to rock it. It’s more so the weather that seems to limit my styling options because layering is just not a practical technique in humid, 85 degree weather. But hey, that’s the challenge I like!

These are the social medias that I am active on

Instagram @style.leaf

Facebook Kanako Leaf

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Kanako L

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