I went skydiving in celebration of my good friend Jon’s birthday! Shout out to Jon (Happy Birthday, again) and Cy (who planned the day out perfectly)! We were scheduled to be at Skydive Hawaii in Mokuleia by 12:30PM. We thought we would jump without delay, however, the weather was cloudy so we had to wait for it to clear up. We were informed that there were other groups who have been waiting to jump since 7:00 AM! And that they may cancel all the groups scheduled if the sky didn’t clear up by 2:00PM. After hearing this news we thought we weren’t going to jump at all and decided to leave and explore North Shore. Luckily, there was hope because I knew someone working at Skydive Hawaii who was able to text me updates on our jump. Shout out to Marlie for doing this for us! Without her, we would have given up on skydiving for the day.

It was an epic experience!

I felt nervous and excited riding up to the sky. I didn’t feel scared until the door of the aircraft opened and a gust of cold air came through. I loved every moment of the free fall. Felt high on life cruising down to the ground.

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