OOTD // Day Time Fit

The weather here in Hawaii is generally sunny all year around. Yes, it’s humid. And Yes, I sweat from the heat. Dressing breezy during the day is a must. Although I never get a chance to have fun with layering, it’s convenient not having to put on and take off layers and layers of clothes. Another plus side to living in sunny weather is the many opportunities to opt for a hat! Here are my outfit details:

Fedora – Jeans Warehouse

Navy/White Striped mini dress – Thrifted

Knit sleeveless maxi cardigan – Ross

Wedges – Jeans Warehouse

My whole outfit did not cost me anything more than $50. Which is really cheap! Sleeveless maxi cardigans are trendy right now and I got it for less than $15.

I have had this dress for years and barely wore it out. It’s a bit on the shorter side and that is why I decided to cover up with the cardigan. I kept the colors of the shoes and accessory neutral to make the dress pop and to keep my color scheme simple. The fedora and wedges give off day-time vibes and the white and navy stripes of the dress gives this outfit a nautical touch.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Love, styleleaf


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