OOTD // Saturday night outfit   

Hey all! I have been working so much recently, haven’t had a chance to put in the time to post my outfits! Here is an over due ootn (outfit of the night) from Jun 6th! I was going to a concert and wanted to dress up. I wore my over-the-kneee heeled boots only once before this so I took advantage of this occasion to wear it again. Here are my outfit details from top to bottom:

Chunky Gold Chain Necklace – H&M

Black Sleeveless Top – bought from University of Hawaii Bookstore. The tag says S but I’m not sure if thats a logo or the actual name of the brand?

High waisted B/W Vertical Striped Shorts – Forever 21

Purse – ??? (bought years ago at a store that doesn’t exist anymore)

Boots – Zooshoo

I initially wanted to wear all white to this concert but have come to find that I do not own much white clothes. And the white clothes I do own didn’t have the sort of edge I was looking for so I went with all black attired.

Because it was a hip hop concert, something in me said to accessorize with my gold chunky chain. I wanted my statement accessory to stand out, so I wore a top with a high neckline to make the focus of the top half of my outfit to be the necklace. I decided to rock patterned shorts to make use of the side slits of my top.

“nudity is antierotic”

Hope you like it! Have a nice day and thanks for looking ! 🙂



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