P S with Songki Park

Hello All! I did a fun shoot with my talented, dear friend Songki Park. He is a Hawaii-based photographer with a focus in fashion. Check out his work at parcelcreative.com ! I composed a good variety of outfits for this photo session! They are all very different in style and feel. There will be a brief description for each set, so please read on if you’d like to know the details 😉

Black cropped halter – Lex&Mila

Burgundy cover-up – Victoria’s Secrets

Patterned Bell Bottoms – Pacsun

The whole outfit isn’t shown in the photos but this has a boho edge to it.

Black Felt Wide Brim Hat – Lids

B/W Striped Maxi dress – iloveshowpo

Belt – iloveshowpo

Shoes – bought at a department store in Japan

Purse – Thrifted from Goodwill

This one has some Western components to it, such as the hat (although it isn’t a cowboy hat) and the black silver buckled leather belt. The dress is very nautical looking but since our location isn’t near the ocean, I thought I’d style it to fit a more in-land atmosphere.

Jacket – Popcherry

Top – H&M

Pants – Pacsun

Black Mule-style heels – JustFab

I originally wanted this one to be shot at an urban location because of it’s sophisticated, edgy qualities but Songki worked such magic in this set, it doesn’t even matter! I really like the look of a bra top underneath a stylish jacket! It’s not very conservative but I find it sexy and stylish!



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