Berlin Week 1

Dear reader,

About a week has passed since I first arrived in Berlin, Germany. It’s been a busy week full of exploration of this beautiful city. My thoughts of the city so far are as follows:

  • It’s a beautiful place. Greenery is a prominent characteristic of this country, it is everywhere! Gardening seems to be a common practice, so there are flowers all over. With such a rich history, there are many historical monuments all around Berlin.
  • The weather is unpredictable. The weather forecast on the Google app is not a strong indicator of what to expect. I experienced hail for the very first time here and there was no mentioning of this in the weather forecast that day! An umbrella on hand is essential.
  • Public transportation is pretty efficient and easy to understand. My only complaint is the indoor temperature of the cabs. It can get hot and humid!
  • There are a lot of beggars. Money hungry low class people are always found soliciting everywhere I go! Most of my encounters were in the subway and train cabins. I usually say no, however, one women was coming onto me very strongly claiming that she’s collecting donations for deaf people! I didn’t have much cash, all I had was 3 cents. Since it’s free money, I figured it would be acceptable but she walked away after I attempted to give her what I had. I guess beggars CAN be choosers.

So those are my thoughts so far. My home stay has been treating me very well. Ute, my home stay mother, is a very nurturing woman that is accommodating and easy to communicate with. She has given me a tour of our neighborhood and has introduced me to a few individuals in the local fashion community. I could not have asked for anyone better!

Here are a list of places I have visited by far aside from school and home:

  • Spree River tour
  • Museum of Fine Arts – 150 years of fashion exhibit
  • Bode Museum
  • Schlachtensee
  • Potsdam – palaces and the city
  • The Reichstag (Parliament Building)
  • Museum fur Naturkunde (National History Museum)
  • Mall of Berlin


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