Berlin Week 2


My second week has been a good one here in Berlin. The clear weather and blue sky  reminds me of Hawaii. My commute to class requires a subway, train, and then a bus. Although it may be time consuming, I thoroughly enjoy the morning walks and people watching. I am becoming accustomed to the routine and navigating through the city.

During my free time this week, I went shopping and some site seeing. Weekly flea markets are quite a prevalent part of the community here. I was informed of a good one by my homestay mother, Ute. She knows her city quite well and her word did not let me down. Being held at Boxhagener Platz, it was a big one with a lot to look at from clothing, appliances, furniture, art, instruments, toys, and books, they had it all. I took home a dress, 2 tops, a belt, and necklace for less than 10 euros!

Protip: If you happen to be at a market around closing time, you may find sellers drop their prices or even set up a bin of free items!

I found that I am quite bored and sluggish without exercise. Having not packed exercise-appropriate footwear, I had to buy a pair. After all, I am in Germany (the perfect country to purchase a pair of Adidas). I have been to several Adidas stores and have not been satisfied with the selection, so I gave an off-price retailer a try called Top Shop Outlet by Rathaus Steglitz. I was looking for something comfortable to run in for my wide feet.

Ähnliches FotoThey had all the mainstream sneaker brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, Reebok, etc. and provided a good selection for both men and women to choose from. I don’t care that it’s an off season product, I really just care about the performance of it. I decided on some baby blue toned Adidas called Supernova Sequence Boost 7. They feel great and come to find out, they have fairly positive review online.

Being far from a beach, I start craving a body of water. The closest is a lake. This week I wanted to explore a new one, Krumme Lanke. It’s not too far from Schlachtensee (last week’s lake) and has a similar look to it. I went very early and found a nice, peaceful spot. The water was refreshingly cold and goes pretty deep.

Places I visited:

Bikini Berlin (a shopping center)

Adidas (multiple locations)

Top Outlet

Die Deutsche Kinemathek (a German Film Museum)

SOY (a Vietnamese vegan restaurant)

MaryJane Berlin (event)

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