Berlin Week 4

Hello all,

I am approaching the last third of my stay in Berlin. I am anticipating the work load of classwork to increase as time progresses. I expected to be missing my island home, however that is not the case at all. I am loving new experiences, both good and bad. Regardless of the quality of experience, there is always something to learn. Coming from a city where I belonged in the majority to one of sheer minority has been very eye opening. Being glared at on the daily, and even being called to with “Ni Hao”, or asked if I’m from China. I took it real lightly, there’s no point in being offended at ignorance.


this week started out sunny, then stormed for the last half. It was not the most productive week in terms of free-time usage due to the weather. The only sunny day we had was taken advantage of. My classmates and I rented some boats at Schlachtensee and had a peaceful row in the lake. It took some time getting used to steering the paddle boat, but it was a fun, sunny beginning to a rainy week.

The gloomy weather triggered a craving for some pho. I went to a restaurant called “Bao”, which was satisfactory in taste! Later in the week, there was a block party in Boxhagener Platz that showcased multiple stages of different styles of music, accompanied with booths of food and shopping. I appreciate these community events because my home town of Honolulu, do not host these sort of things. It’s an entertaining cultural experience! There was a booth that offered cooked insects to snack on. I was attracted to their exotic menu and ordered myself some worms to eat. It was a salty, crispy and light snack that I was glad to try. I have quite the adventurous taste palette.

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