Unmarked Collection Launch Party

I had the pleasure of attending the launch party of a new brand called Unmarked Collection  ! It is a women’s clothing brand that aims to provide timeless designs that remain relevant regardless of the season. What you may imagine are basics. But in fact, it’s a marriage of basic and fashion styles. Which is the best kind of clothing to have because you can dressing it up or down. Versatility is key for a sustainable wardrobe!

My outfit foDSC00601-Editr the party comprised of a plunging, floral romper from Beginning Boutique paired with Off-White Converse’s that I received as a gift. I styled this fit with trend and comfort in mind! The sneakers don’t seem like a likely match for a floral romper but I made it work with the help of color coordination.

The launch party was located in a gorgeous house in Hawaii Kai that sat along a river that lead to a nearby marina. I absolutely adored the set up with a DJ, a pop-up shop, a pool, swings, mini-bar, and a decorated table of delicious finger food! The owner of the brand, Cailin, was very welcoming and gave us a run-down of her brand and the garments that she had presented in the pop-up. Every garment she had was stylish and wearable. I was especially interested in a vertical striped jumpsuit that I couldn’t resist purchasing. The fit, fabric, and style was everything I loved! The jumpsuit was $78, which I find reasonable for the quality and style. Below are pictures of the party along with myself in the jumpsuit I just discussed. This was my very first brand launch event I attended and I hope to attend more in the future!




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