Faiye Set

This set was designed and handmade by Jenny Liang. Jenny and I shared a design class together at UH Manoa and I am so happy to see that she continues to create! Her design is called Faiye set which was inspired by fairies (faiye translates to fairy in German). She wanted to create something nymphic and whimsical, and her execution was perrrfect. The ruffles of the sleeves mimic that of fairy wings as they are light-weight and flare out very delicately. The silhouette and ruffles has an overall cutesy characteristic to it that is juxtaposed by the eroticism brought on by the sheer layers of tulle.

I absolutely adored the set as soon as I saw her selling it on her Instagram, @_jelian. I had to have one of my own! Come to find, there is no set colorway for this design. I had the power to choose the color in which I chose orange because it’s one of my favorite colors and it goes well with my skin tone! I simply DM’d her inquiring about it, sent a screenshot of the shade of orange of my choice and she delivered promptly. The set is $50 including shipping which is very reasonable for a hand-made two-piece design in a custom color! I’ll be using my Faiye set in future photo shoots, costumes, and music festivals! Below are photos of me rocking the Faiye set, hope you enjoy!

Thanks for looking. If any questions, don’t be shy and comment away!



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